Friday, August 22, 2014

Custom Card of the Day: Gordon Edition

Well. I'm unpacked, settled and mostly integrated. So, this blog is now that of a college student, officially.

I know, right? It's so different than it was, like, three days ago, when I was a soon-to-be college student. Weird.

Still, I'll try to blog as often as possible, and whenever my classes allow me, which, this semester, is quite frequently.

So, Dee Gordon sliding back into second will be the first of a new era, as I slide into the next stage of my career, or maybe even my life, if you wanna be extra deep.

Hopefully, this change of venue will at least bring an end to the one-note posts that have been dominating this blog lately. I've been focusing on a lot of stuff lately, and blogging has basically been an after-thought, to the point where I'll just resort to writing a few sentences or something. I want to write more, and I want to write stuff that's more thoughtful than the stuff I've been writing for the blog as of late. Like, I want to get back to the stories and opinions that made me want to keep this thing going in the first place.

Hopefully, the quality of this blog's gonna improve as I keep going.

Coming Tomorrow (?)- I'll try to start opening those football boxes, but in terms of customs, I'm probably going to post one of the red-hot Kansas City Royals.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014



We're just a friendly reminder that the football season will be here in less than a month.

We also wanted to give Jordan a nice plethora of cards to deal with before he leaves for college on Thursday. Believe me, we'd all like to make this whole 'college' thing easy for him. But that can't happen, because this isn't an episode of Saved by the Bell or something.

As you can see, we are...
- a box of 2014 Panini Hot Rookies, a simple set with some major bang to it.
- a box of 2014 Panini Elite, a sequel to a box featured in last year's major rip, and a really nice one.
- and a box of 2014 Bowman, which is known for rookies, and not necessarily for quality.

We're going to be ripped over the next few days. Be ready.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Custom Card of the Night: Cespedes Edition


I mean, he may not be playing as well as he was in Oakland, but's a big deal. One of the best home run hitters in baseball is playing for Boston now. Could you imagine how deadly that could be if the rest of the team ever gets good again?

Man, that must sting.

Still, I think that the most damage Cespedes'll do will happen next season on. This season, he'll hit some homers here and there, but I think in 2015 he's really going to take off. I dunno. That's just me thinking out loud.

Coming Tomorrow- Man, there's a lot for me to post. I might throw a custom of one of the Dodgers' pitchers on there, and I might even start a series of impressive football box rips, because I know that a few very powerful people could be waiting for it.

A Belated Rookie

Made this before my Lake George trip. He's killing it now. So...I guess it's timely? I really don't know. Either way, he's big, he's awesome, and he's got his own custom.

Tonight: FINALLY Yoenis Cespedes.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Custom Card of the Day: Lester Edition

It only took about half a month, but I finally got to posting customs from one of the biggest trade deadline deals of the year.

I'm padding this out a little bit.

Jon Lester is lucky that he's playing for one of the best teams in the AL, and also lucky that he's pitching alongside Jeff Samardzija, Scott Kazmir and occasionally A.J. Griffin. Also, if everything holds up, he could be pitching into the postseason yet again.

Not really too much else to say tonight.

Coming Tomorrow- The other half of the trade.

One Last Blaster of Topps Archives 2014

I leave Thursday for college, so I'm getting all the good shit out now. Today I went to the local Target for what may be the last time until I come back for break. Because it's so sentimental, because a part of my youth is sort of ending, I figured I'd commemorate with a blaster of a product that reminds me a lot of my childhood, Topps Archives. Because it charmingly rips off the sets of the last thirty years.

So, let's dive in:

Pack 1:
35- Patrick Corbin. Have it.
34- Enny Romero RC. Have it.
25- Jim Palmer. Three cards, three cards I don't need.
A Heads' Up Insert of Brandon Phillips. Which is nice.
9- Josh Donaldson. FINALLY, SOMETHING I NEED! And it's of a really good player.
61- Matt Davidson. Need it. Too bad I've never heard of him.
55- Jay Bruce. Need it. K, this I can deal with.
143- MIKE SCHMIDT! One of my favorites. AND I need it!

Cards I need: 4/8
Inserts: 1/8
Doubles: 3/8

Pack 2-
107- Michael Choice. Have it.
147- Jose Bautista. Have it.
153- Fergie Jenkins. Jeez, I have this one too.
173- Allen Craig. Four straight. Plus, this one's the dreaded Red Sox-Cardinals combination.
ALL STAR INSERT of Mike Trout.
123- Jarrod Parker. Finally, one I need.
160- Don Mattingly. Need it, and he's a Yankee!
200- Buster Posey, which I also need.

Cards I need: 3/8
Cool Inserts: 1/8
Doubles: 4/8

Pack 3-
189- Jose Altuve. Have it.
176- Adrian Gonzalez. Great shot, but I sadly have it.
131- Ian Kinsler. Have it. Is this how every pack starts?
Deckle Edge of David Eckstein. Gaaahhhh!
191- Justin Upton. NEED IT.
150- Miguel Cabrera. Great shot and I also need it.
72- Evan Longoria. Need it.
91-ROBERTO CLEMENTE. That is a great card.

Cards I need: 4/8
Inserts of Awful Players: 1/8
Doubles: 3/8

Pack 4-
67- Jonathan Villar. Have it.
87- Eric Davis. Have it.
38- Jason Grilli. Have it.
211- BO JACKSON!!! AND it's a short print, which is awesome.
Wow. It's a Major League insert of Corbin Bernsen, star of Celebrity Mole Hawaii, as Roger Dorn. This is pretty cool.
29- Carlos Gomez, and I need it.
18- Rickey Henderson. Sadly I have this one.

Cards I need: 3/8
Really Cool Inserts: 1/8
Doubles: 4/8

Pack 5-
71- Nick Franklin. Have it.
57- Tom Glavine, Hall of Famer. Need it, too.
77- Joe Morgan, another Hall of Famer. Need it.
219- John Smoltz, Future Hall of Famer. Need it, and Short Print.
50- DEREK...JETER!!!! I needed this one too.
30- Alex Gordon. Man, I'm on a roll.
45- Lou Brock. Also need it.
28- Joe Kelly. On the Sox now, but who cares. Need it.

Cards I needed: 7/8
Doubles: 1/8

Pack 6-
159- Bob Gibson. NEED IT.
178- Carlos Martinez. NEED IT
190- Julio Teheran. DAMN! KILLED THE STREAK!
102- Goose Gossage. Need it.
Deckle Edge of Cal Ripken
89- R.A. Dickey. Have it.
63- Austin Jackson. Have it.
93- Xander Bogaerts. Have it.

Cards I needed: 3/8
Doubles: 4/8
Inserts: 1/8

Pack 7-
136- Whitey Ford. Have it.
128- Avisail Garcia. Need it.
125- Jose Fernandez. Have it.
All Star Insert of Bryce Harper.
133- Yovani Gallardo. Have it.
161- Johnny Bench. Have it.
180- Chris Archer. Have it.
117- Mike Mussina. Have it. Man, this pack sucked.

Pack 8-
3- Freddie Freeman. Need it, thankfully.
15- Ralph Kiner. Need it.
144- Adrian Beltre. Need it
137- Pedro Alvarez. Need it.
Jose Fernandez Future Stars insert
94- Mike Napoli. Have it.
113- Cal Ripken. Have it.
142- Joe Mauer. Have it.

So I got a lot of cards I needed, a bunch of doubles, and Corbin Bernsen. Nice.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Custom Card of the Night: Werth Edition

Oh, it feels so damn good to be home.

I don't care that I have to go to college in less than a week. Home feels good. Home feels nice, refreshing, etc.

Meanwhile, the Nationals have cemented their hold over the NL East. It used to be kinda close with Atlanta, but now the Braves have sort of choked, and the Nats are way out in front. Jayson Werth, while not the absolute centerpiece, is still one of the more important pieces of the team. It's kinda odd, because when the Nationals signed him to a mega-contract back in 2011, we all thought he'd flame out and burn, but he's been hanging in there and becoming a crowd favorite over there.

I hope they hold on, because I have roughly a zillion more Nationals customs in my folder.

Coming Tomorrow- I might post both pieces of the major A's-Red Sox trade from a few weeks ago.