Friday, May 22, 2015

Custom Card of the Night: Beardless Reddick Edition

Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to the LAST PLACE OAKLAND A'S!!!

Boy, haven't heard THAT one since the late 2000's.

That's right, folks. Now that Josh Donaldson, Derek Norris and Brandon Moss have all flown the coop, and Coco Crisp is basically out the door, the A's are back to what they were at the top of the decade- a decaying, depleted, desperate-to-rebuild kind of team.

Josh Reddick, along with Sonny Gray and Stephen Vogt, is among the few sources of power that the A's have left. Reddick has been back to his old tricks, hitting for average and for distance, all while erasing memories of his torrid 2014. Only problem is he's just one guy, and the rest of the team isn't doing very well.

It doesn't help that their division is very tough, filled with a lot of pitcher-bashing offenses, and a lot of pitchers that specialize in mowing down shitty offenses. If you had to face Felix Hernandez multiple times in a season, you'd be hurting too.

I don't know if the Athletics will get out of their current rut, but it's between them and the Rangers, and thanks to Prince Fielder, the Rangers might be staying out of last for a little while.

Coming Tomorrow- A reminder that the Phillies can indeed win games, and that their farm system is flourishing now that they're in last.

Custom Card of the Day: Harper Edition

Well, we were worried for a while, but Bryce Harper is FINALLY becoming the powerhouse that we all thought he would be when he came up in 2012. I mean, the last two seasons were mighty uneventful on the Harper front, as he was either injured or cold, but now, in May 2015, Bryce Harper is hitting up a goddamned storm.

He didn't have the greatest April, just FYI. He hit a few homers, did some stuff, and basically made some room for the Mets and Braves to take the lead. But once May started? Phenomenal. He's currently topping the NL Home run list, and is powering his team into the leading circle of the NL East. This is the Bryce Harper that the Nats needed to base their team around.

I don't know how far Harper will go. I dunno if he'll keep hitting throughout the season or snag an MVP or anything, but this is very promising. The guy is giving the fans something to cheer about, and living up to the hype.

Coming Tonight: In 2013, this guy was the talk of the bay area. In 2014, he went cold like no one else. Now...he's back, especially when his team desperately needs some hits.

Custom Card of the Night: Beltre Edition

Sorry about that, folks. Couple of busy days. Headed for a couple more, too.

Adrian Beltre hit his 400th home run last week. This is a guy who's had a string of really nice seasons, and flown under the radar for a while until finally breaking it big. I swear, this is the guy that saved these Rangers teams from going completely under after Young, Hamilton and Kinsler all left. Beltre would keep hitting home runs and making All Star teams, lifting the team on his back.

I don't know 100% if Adrian Beltre's a hall of famer or not. He has some nice numbers, for sure, but he was never really a household name. He's been very good for quite a while, and is setting a standard, but for a lot of people, he's not a Hall of Famer. Maybe the case will be better in a few years, or if he hits some more home runs or something, but as it stands, he'll stay on the ballot for a while but I doubt anything will come of it.

Coming Today (or tonight): The man whose bat has caught fire this month, the exact time his team needs it.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Custom Card of the Night: Cutch Edition

I didn't think it was possible for Andrew McCutchen to have a down season. I didn't think he was capable of it. But, here we are.

So far this season, Cutch has had a subpar average, and has been playing...not like Andrew McCutchen. A lot of people are attributing this to his bad leg, and it's not entirely healed. I am siding with a lot of those guys, because I've seen him run and hit in the past, and this, for the most part, is not the same guy. Which is a shame, because he's one of my favorite players.

I really hope people still vote for him to at least be a reserve for the All Star game, because he's still great player, and the fact that he's not off to the greatest start so far in 2015 should not define him. He hopefully will have more really nice seasons, because the Pirates need him to be the moral core of the team, to power them through their current place in the standings. Cutch needs to be there, and hopefully his numbers will improve as the season goes on.

By the way, my horizontal to vertical ratio for McCutchen is 4 to 3. Imagine that.

Coming Tomorrow- There's a lot of discussion about this next guy's qualifications for Cooperstown. Well, he just hit his 400th home run, and is the anchor of a declining western roster.

Custom Card of the Day: Morales Edition

I love the fact that I get to say this next sentence: How About them Royals?

I swear, I loved how they played last season, especially under the circumstances that there was a team in their division that was a ton better than them (that they still outdid in the playoffs). And I adore the fact that they're one of the best teams in baseball right now. And I think Kendrys Morales is one of the reasons.

For a guy that wasn't on a major league roster until halfway through the season last year, Morales is playing beautifully, hitting for numbers not reached since his days on the Angels. He's getting high numbers in the Average and RBIs category, and he's helping lift the team's morale. I think him and Hosmer are the standards for everybody on the team, and it's helping lift the morale. Besides, with a  few exceptions, this is basically the same team as last year, and they're getting to places they never got in 2014.

I hope Morales keeps hitting really well, because his a success story the AL needs, mainly because unlike Nelson Cruz, I don't think it was fueled by HGHs.

Coming Tonight (?)- Who cares if he's not doing so great so far in 2015. He's still one of the most fun players in baseball.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Custom Card of the Night: Springer Edition

This year, every sportswriter in America predicted that something huge was going to happen in Miami. Things had been building for a few years, the farm system had begun to climb upwards, and by 2014 we had a solid, confident roster, where there used to be just tons of dead space.

The writers thought that the Marlins, a team that had been consistently terrible for a few seasons, had enough stuff built up to be truly successful in 2015.

And they were wrong. Just ask Mike Redmond. I think he's easier to contact now.

However, they weren't wrong about the tactic. Because that's where the Astros have come in.

Ever since 2011, the Astros have been stockpiling young, raw talent. It started with Jose Altuve. They needed a guy to build a team around, and that guy fit. And then people like Chris Carter, Dallas Keuchel and Jon Singleton started working their way up and making a name for themselves.

And then, last year, George Springer arrived on the scene. And he rocked the entire roster, took the reins, and became one of the most powerful players on the team. I swear, this guy is heading for some big things, and he's doing a lot of damage in Houston.

I really hope something nice happens to the Astros. I mean, it's a tricky division to do well in, but the Astros could either hold on for a while or sink back to the bottom. I just like what they've been doing.

Coming Tomorrow- A guy who's made a stellar comeback with Kansas City.

Custom Card of the Morning: Goldschmidt Edition


Hard-hitting first baseman. Ignore the label on the custom that says 'shortstop'. The customizer was tired. First baseman.

Hits home runs and plays great defensive ball. Sets great standard for everyone else on the team. Is used to a quiet working environment. Almost won an MVP. Kids and fans love him.

Unfortunately, doesn't fit our needs this year, mainly because our needs include a last place finish, and...right now Colorado's in last. Because Paul keeps hitting. So please, take him off our hands.

Would be nice if you weren't the Yankees, Red Sox, Tigers or especially Dodgers. Because we have standards.

All the best,

The Diamondbacks.

P.S.- We'll even throw in Rubby De La Rosa, free of charge.

Coming Tonight- The Astros are red-hot right now. Here's their red-hot outfielder.